X-Ray & Scans

There are times when as practitioners we need to know more about your problem to help us in our diagnosis. It can also be a relief to you to know ‘exactly what’s going on’

At Gilmour Piper we have access to the very best up to date technology to help you. We have a diagnostic Ultrasound machine on site as used at many top professional football clubs such as Ipswich Town Football Club. Our sports doctor can use this to help diagnose sports and other soft tissue injuries, a particularly useful technique, as unlike an MRI scan, we can see the tissues moving

As well as X-Rays and Ultrasound we can also refer to any one of three MRI scanning centres for the investigation of musculoskeletal pain. Each has a pricing structure to suit the budget of patients who may not be insured. Locally in ipswich the cost of an MRI scan is from £400