Acupuncture Ipswich

Acupuncture is fast becoming part of mainstream medicine in the treatment of muscle, ligament and joint conditions and for the relief of pain in conditions such as sciatica, or its equivalent in the arms, 'brachalgia'. It is also useful in the treatment of sinus problems, tennis elbow, headaches, migraine and sleep disorders


The needles used are very thin and cause almost no pain. Recent research suggests that acupuncture is very useful in the treatment of long-term back pain and is proven to be better in some cases than more conventional treatments


Dr Judith Sgelley, a local GP, is qualified in giving acupuncture sees people during pregnancy to prepare them for labour and uses acupuncture for menstrual and gynaecologocal problems as well as conditions like hayfever. It can be used very effectively to bring on labour in cases where the birth is overdue.  Dr Shelley also provides medical acupuncture for other conditions and can be contacted by following the link below.


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