Interesting facts


Each bone in the back is separated by an intervertebral disc. These are like jam doughnuts, with a hard outside for strength and a squidgy bit in the middle to absorb shock and the effects of gravity on the spine as we sit, bend or twist


As we get older our discs degenerate. This is called 'Spondylosis'. The discs become inflamed where they attach to the bones and become infiltrated by blood and nerve supply, causing pain. As the outside of the disc degenerates, the squidgy bit can slip out of the cracks and cause a 'slipped disc'. This may then touch a nerve giving pain down the leg - Sciatica


The disc then becomes thinner and the bones either side can rub together more than usual causing arthritis of the facet joints either side which in turn causes pain.


Physical treatment such as Osteopathy or Physiotherapy can alleviate pain from these conditions by improving and maintaining the mobility and strength of the surrounding tisues. Your osteopath or physiotherapist has a unique ability to identify specific problems and correct them, enabling you to live a life with much less pain


Acupuncture has been proven to be effective in those people who have had low back pain for 6 months or more.


Pilates is useful in improving posture and core muscle control.