Cranial Osteopathy – Case Study 2

Mrs F is a 24 year old new mum who brought her baby daughter Beth into the practice at just 5 weeks old as she was distressed that she was not feeding well and was finding it difficult to settle after feeds.

She had heard about Cranial Osteopathy from her midwife and came to see one of the Osteopaths at the practice that had trained in Cranial Osteopathy and worked at the Osteopathic Centre for Children in London.

After taking a history from Mrs F about her pregnancy and delivery and examining Beth it appeared that the trauma of her forceps delivery had caused a mechanical compression of one of the bones at the back of the skull and that this tension and compression at the top of her neck and base of her skull was affecting Beth’s ability to be comfortable when feeding.

Using very gentle cranial techniques the Osteopath was able to release this tension over three treatments to the great relief of both mother and daughter.

Cranial Osteopathy is a gentle treatment, which can be particularly useful in the treatment of children. We have two Osteopaths, Luke Jackman and James Zarro who specialise and have considerable experience in the treatment of children.