Neck Pain & Headaches – Case Study 1

Mr A is a 38-year-old Electrician who attended the practice with recurrent neck pain and headaches that had been reoccurring over the last 4 years on a regular basis. He had been to various therapists for a quick fix to get him back to work but episodes were increasing in frequency and severity. He telephoned the practice unsure of whether he needed to see a Physiotherapist or Osteopath.

We arranged a joint consultation with both Physiotherapist and Osteopath and discovered a weakness in his neck leading to recurrent locking of the joints in the upper region of his neck causing headaches.

Once the Osteopathic manipulation obtained a quick resolution to his pain and headache he then had postural advice and simple daily exercises that helped stabilise the weak area of his neck to help prevent reoccurrences.

He has now been symptom free for the past year and has managed to get back to playing tennis again which he had stopped as a result of his problem.