The Team

Jay Close

I have a combination background of over 25 years experience. I have trained with some of the best tutors and coaches within UK and Europe ranging from martial arts, health, fitness, strength & conditioning and most recently associated with one of the best duo’s within rehabilitation and performance coaching.


I believe that anyone can train like an athlete and anyone can run a marathon, with the right training.


The start point for me with any client, is looking for their individual patters and assess them with key points.


Believing in every client that commits to me, I give back to them, a better version of themselves to when I first got hold of them, no matter your start point from beginner to elite levels.


I train every client I come across like an athlete, as the principles are the same.


My three key principles:





I will inspire you, motivate you, challenge you and make you a better person.


This all starts from an initial consultation and a personal start point. Benefits are that you and I start off on the same page, a raw basic version of you, right in front of me.


I will then, tell it back to you, as black and white, then how I can solve your problems. This all starts with your MINDSET, then the body and progress can follow.




  • » Strength Conditioning & Running Performance Coach
  • » Health Related Fitness for Children Coach
  • » Black Sash Tai Wing Chun - Martial Arts Instructor
  • » Fitness Instructor / Advance Personal Trainer
  • » UK Kettlebell Instructor